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1. Is there a minimum order requirement?

As of now, we do not require a minimum to place an order.

2. When are orders due?

Orders are due by Thursday evening at 11:59 pm.

3. Are the containers microwavable?

Yes, you can safely warm your food in the container it comes in. Please take out the sauce containers as they are no microwavable.

4. How long do the meals stay good for?

We recommend you enjoy all your meals within 6 days of receiving them. Please note that we do not use any form of preservatives to ensure our meals are as natural and healthy for you as possible. For this reason, meals should be eaten in a timely manner, or disposed of otherwise. We of course also recommend clients to use their senses and follow their instincts if it appears a meal has gone bad before the recommended expiration date.

5. Can I freeze my meals?

We recommend refrigerating the meals and eating them within 6 days. However, if you would like to freeze your meals to be able to enjoy them safely past their expiration date, you most definitely can. Do be aware though that freezing the meals can cause the texture, flavor, and overall quality of the meal to change.

6. What is the best way to reheat my meals?

This all depends on preference. Microwaving meals for around 1-3 minutes (depending on microwave strength) with the lid slightly opened is easy, efficient, and fares best for most clients. You can also use the stove top to re-heat meals over low heat for a few minutes. Lastly, you can set the oven to 250F, transfer your plate to an oven safe dish, and allow it to heat for about 15-20 minutes. The choice is up to you!

7. What is Delicia Lunch Club?

Delicia Lunch Club is a special program we offer to corporate offices. By joining our lunch club, you’ll gain exclusive access to discounts on deliveries and large group orders.

Here’s How:
Reach out to Jasmin at (626) 840-7696 to setup you company’s email domain within our website. Once that’s set up, employees can create an account using their work email to automatically receive 15% off their first 3 orders and discounts on office deliveries. It’s that simple!
For orders larger than 80 meals, enjoy access to discounts on corporate catering services as high as 10%*.
*Catering discounts are capped at $100.